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 Wine fridges are a must-have investment for all wine lovers, designed to keep your wine at the perfect serving temperature all year round. Thanks to innovative design and technology, a variety of sizes for all your convenience and needs are now available - making the ideal wine fridge for you easier to find than ever before.


Our guide to choosing a great wine fridge.

It is well-regarded in the viticulture community that you must store your wine in a climate-controlled environment if you want to protect it from spoiling. Regardless of how much wine you drink or keep, every wine drinker needs a place to preserve and store their wine.

Whether you’re building a new home, undergoing a home renovation, or simply want to protect your collection, considering a wine storage solution is essential to get the most from your wine and protect it from fluctuating temperatures, excessive light and insufficient humidity. 


Wine fridges are one of the rapidly growing trends in wine collecting, with an extensive range of fridges now on the market. Furthermore, with the right design, they can even become an incredible in-home style feature. However, while having so many styles and capacitates available provides a wide variety of choices, it is crucial to remember that not all wine fridges are built with the same level of care, and you must choose wisely. Here are the characteristics of an excellent wine fridge to seek out.



 A great wine fridge has climate control comfort, vibration-free compressors, dual temperature zones (5-22), double glazed tempered glass doors and soft led lights to protect your wine from damaging sunlight. PTC heating for winter care, regulated humidity control (to preserve corks) and activated charcoal filters are also highly beneficial and sought-after.



When choosing your fridge, there are three crucial lifestyle considerations you will need to account for:


-How many bottles will you need to store? Ensure you have more than enough space to hold - and grow -your collection.

-Will you drink or cellar your wine? Multi-temperature wine fridges are designed to serve both your reds and whites at proper drinking temperatures.

-What style of fridge you will buy? This will depend on where in your house you will be keeping your wine.



To avoid a fridge that doesn’t perform or damages your wine, never select your wine fridge based solely on the lowest price available. Take the time to research your choices and, if you can, visit showrooms. 


The cost of your wine fridge will depend on its size, finishes, style, and climate control features. We recommend the Grand Cru Label View 286DBLV, with its sleek design, patented label view telescopic shelving, and ability to fix all bottle shapes.


The label view shelves allow the wine bottles to sit parallel to the fridges window and are 80% telescopic sliding to easily view and, more importantly, access all of your wine – even the bottles at the back of your collection.


This 286-bottle wine fridge showcases sleek design while protecting your wine in climate-controlled comfort with its state-of-the-art compressor cooling. The patented matrix shelf design creates an attractive solution to accommodating 750ml bottles, regardless of shape.


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