Five Ways to Tell You Have a Quality Bottle of Wine

Red wine can really enhance a meal or make an evening special. But if you don't know your pinot noir from your cabernet sauvignon, it's hard to tell if you're getting a good one or not. 

An excellent approach is to apply five general criteria and assess the bottle against them. 

  1. Identify the producer; an established and reputable vintner is usually indicative of quality. 
  2. Examine the label—look for thoughtful artwork and a brief illustrative description of the wine’s dominant flavours or subtle bouquets. 
  3. Consider where the grapes were grown, as terroir often affects flavour and complexity. 
  4. Evaluate tannins—it should taste robust and embody a healthy level of serotonin. Smell the cork before opening to get an idea of the flavour profile and other characteristics such as age; faded smells lack complexity. 
  5. Finally, take into account its colour; deep hues are attractive signs that you’ll have an enjoyable experience indulging in your glass. Quality red wines tend to be dark and intense compared to their lesser counterparts.

When all these components come together, you should have no doubt that you've found a superb bottle of red!

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