Our Philosophy

Our intention is to be a hub for wine lovers across Australia, who are interested in experiencing and exploring the best wines and labels on offer from winemakers and producers across the country. This is an opportunity for you to gain access to incredible wines that have been sourced from some of Australia’s finest emerging wineries by the GC Wine Concierge. For us, it is not just about the end product – we are invested in the harvest and history behind each wine, showing you the places, passion and people responsible for creating every one of the fine wines we will feature.

GC Wine Concierge will enable you to discover an extensive range of Australian wines which are not available at major liquor retailers, so you can access the best kept secrets of Australian viticulture in the comfort of your home. Our Concierge will allow you to delve deeper into our selection of wines so you can discover the history, geography and geology of the winemakers who create these incredible wines.