5 Hints That Your Wine is Spoiled



For wine connoisseurs, nothing’s worse than a wasted wine. The one you opened, swearing you’ll finish it but never did… The one you accidentally bought expired… And worst of all, the one you mistakenly didn’t store properly and lost it’s flavourful freshness. Yeah, that one could’ve been avoided with a state-of-the-art Grand Cru wine fridge, but anyway...

In case you’re unsure if your wine’s good to go, here are five hints your wine may be spoiled.

  1. Change in colour: If the wine has turned brown or has a different colour than it normally does, it may be spoiled. This is especially true for white wines, which should not change colour over time. Keep an eye on the colour of the wine when you first purchase it, to when you’ve opened and are drinking it.
  1. Off smell: This one’s a pretty dead giveaway. With any food or beverage, if the wine has an unpleasant, sour, or musty smell, it may be spoiled. Keep in mind that a spoiled wine may also have a vinegar-like smell.
  1. Change in taste: This one’s also pretty obvious for the wine lovers who can detect even the slightest change in taste of their favourite red, white and sparkling wine. If the wine tastes sour, bitter, or otherwise off, it unfortunately may be spoiled.
  1. Sediment: If the wine has sediment in it, it may be a sign that it is spoiled. This is especially true if the sediment has a strange colour or smell. Again, a wine’s appearance says a lot!
  1. Carbonation: If the wine is sparkling and has a lot of carbonation, it may be spoiled. Of course, every bottle of bubbly should be sparkling, but it’s important to remember that sparkling wine should only have a small amount of carbonation. The more you know!


Each of these hints will help you decipher if you should keep or discard of your wine. Hey, we hate to see a good wine go as much as you do. That’s why Grand Cru wine fridges store all wines to the best temperature, and looks oh-so-classy while doing so!

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