Explore the Wineries of the World by Bike Tour Part 2

In our last blog we explored the best bike tours of wine country around the world. Vineyards are often situated in the most beautiful corners of the world, with incredibly breathtaking landscapes surrounding – rolling hills and soaring mountains, pristine lakes, lush forests, quaint bucolic countryside…

The unique environmental factors of wine country, including their geology, climate, soil, other flora in the area and more, is what offers the unique terroir to the grapes, which is a huge component in the finished product. Why not get out and about and experience these terrains and other factors that are such a huge part of the winemaking process for yourself? If you love wine and you love the great outdoors, why not experience it with one of these incredible bike tours?

Colchagua Valley, Chile

Go for a cycle through Chile’s most popular wine making region by bike. As visiting wineries in this area can be difficult owing to the necessity for reservations, it’s best to do an organised bike tour. Sample the unique carménère grape while admiring the dramatic scenery with the Andes as the backdrop.

Loire Valley, France

Cycle along the La Loire à Vélo, an 800km long bicycle trail through the Loire Valley that meanders through historic villages, past old chateaus and the rapid Loire River. Travellers can split up the trail into small segments, and take their time experiencing this UNESCO listed locale.  

Sonoma Valley, California, US

The West County Regional Trail is a 9km cycle path that follows the route of an old railway. Visit the towns of Sebastopol and Forestville, only a couple of hours’ drive from San Francisco.

Cape Winelands, South Africa

Enjoy landscapes of mountains and forests, visit the historic town of Franschhoek and sample some of the area’s fine cuisine. Maison Estate and La Bri Estate are two of the most renowned and prestigious wineries to visit.

Marlborough, New Zealand

Marlborough is a wine-lover’s dream, and it’s even better if you experience it by bike. You can visit over 30 wineries nestled amongst stunning rural scenery, taste test some of the iconic Sauvignon Blanc, and take a few bottles home for yourself.

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