Warm Your Soul With These Winter Wine Pairings

Thermostats barely reaching double figures. Winter coats being pried out from the depths of our wardrobes. Resolving to never leave the house without our scarves or beanies.

It must be a sign that winter is well and truly on its way. While many of us choose to rug up to ward off the cold, we also alter our menus to literally warm ourselves from the inside out. Colder weather gives us the opportunity to tuck into hearty meals featuring slow cooked meat, rich broths and aromatic sauces that could unchill even the coldest of culinary souls. From casseroles and cassoulets to the staple Sunday roast, winter gives us the ultimate chance to coddle your food comforts without feeling the guilt. Better yet, it is the ideal season to enhance your dinner with some quality wine pairings that will warm your inner foodie – indulge in our favourite winter wine recommendations below!

Stew and Shiraz

With their rich, robust flavours and innate heartiness, stews require a wine pairing that can measure up to their bold reputation. A full-bodied red like a Shiraz is the perfect accompaniment to a beef or lamb stew, with the earthy notes and tannic presence elevating the rich red meat flavours.

We are hard pressed to think of another pairing more soul-warming than a bowl of stew and a glass of Shiraz on a cold winter’s night!

Pizza and Sangiovese

Who doesn’t love tucking into a slice or four of cheesy, chewy pizza when the thermostat drops? Better yet, who doesn’t enjoy their pizza when it is elevated by a fruity glass of wine?

Like many Italian reds, Sangiovese is a winner when it comes to pizza pairings. The delicate plum fruit flavours present in this grape meld well with the savoury sensation of pizza, while the high acidity of Sangiovese perfectly cuts through the acidity of tomato-based sauces and creaminess of oozing, piping hot cheese. 

Chicken soup and Riesling

It’s a staple of kitchens across the world, and so dearly loved that many cultures see it as akin to medicine. Whatever your take, there is no denying that chicken soup is a highly sought out dish when the weather begins to turn.

Whether you opt for the classic chicken noodle or prefer a spicy wonton variety, Riesling provides a perfect match to all your chicken soup needs. This versatile wine offers floral notes and a crisp finish that pairs well with the fragrant, savoury broth characteristic of your classic chicken soup.


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