Grand Cru: Try our Wine Fridge Finder Quiz

In the market for a wine fridge? Matthew Gerard, founder and CEO of Grand Cru, explains why the Wine Fridge Finder is perfect for you.


Wine storage should be simple but it often isn’t. You might have bought some wine at a winery recently or you might have bought some wine online. At home, your temperature is going to be 22 degrees inside and maybe 34 in the garage during summertime in Australia. That’s just too hot to store wine and it’s certainly too hot to drink it. You might have heard the term cooked wine or your ‘wine’s cooked’. With red wine, it might taste jammy and fruity and the cork might have even started to come out of the bottle because the heat of the wine has put some pressure into the liquid. The key is just to get a consistently low temperature somewhere between 14 and 16 degrees which then maximises the cellaring potential and aging potential of your wine.

I’ve launched a very innovative and fun wine fridge finder which through a simple 30-second process helps me to understand what wine fridges might suit your requirements the best before I curate and recommend a range of models for you. There’s always the phone, and if you’re in doubt or want more information then I’m always happy to take a phone call and have a chat with you about what your requirements are. If you know what you want, and you’ve looked on online and my website has done its job, then you can place your order direct online and we’ll get back to you with delivery timings and schedules soon after that.

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