Grand Cru: The Story Behind our Name

Grand Cru Wine Fridges founder and CEO Matthew Gerard explains how the company’s name came to be and what it means. 

The name Grand Cru came about in quite a nice way – my wife and I were on the couch one night having a red wine and we were just brainstorming ideas for what names could be used on a premium range of wine fridges. We were drinking Australian wine but we thought ‘what is the premier wine name in the world’? We both realised that the name Grand Cru would work really well. It’s premium and it sounds good.

The name Grand Cru in French means good or great vintage, and it’s usually reserved for the first growth wines from a select number of producers from Bordeaux. We didn’t come up with the name Grand Cru - it’s something the French came up with many centuries ago - but it’s a fantastic name for wine fridges and hopefully a name that Australians and other consumers around the world will get to know very well over the next 10 or so years.

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