The Top 5 Wines For Springtime

Spring is right around the corner, and with the change in seasons comes the change in wine, and there are certain wines that go better with the weather and with the seasonal events of that time of the year. Today, I am sharing a list of the top 5 best wines for spring! You change your diet, your clothing, and your activities with the season, so why shouldn’t you change your wine? It is no coincidence that the wines of winter tend to be more geared towards the heavy flavours, the rich, dry notes, and red wines. Whereas the spring and summer months are focused on bright, light, and fresh wines, sometimes with a hint of sweetness. This can be mostly found in white wines, but don’t rule out lighter red wines completely this spring.

1. Prosecco

To me, a sweet and light, bubbly Prosecco screams spring! It isn’t as heavy as a typical champagne, but it is flavourful enough to use in celebrations. Prosecco makes a wonderful cocktail when combined with fresh fruits of spring, like berries, peaches, etc.

Pair this with a meat, cheese and summer fruit plate featuring cheese like gouda and brie, as well as prosciutto and salami. Ideal serving temperature: 4-8°C

2. Gewürztraminer

A rosy, aromatic white that’s best consumed fresh. This distinctly aromatic variety originated in either northern Italy or Germany – the debate is on-going. It is also found in Alsace, France, as well as British Columbia, USA, and Australia. Gewürztraminer has a bit more conviction than other cool-climate white wines such as Pinot Grigio and as such, it can stand up to more rich or complex foods while still retaining versatility. 

Pair this with spicy or spiced foods, think Thai, Vietnamese, and Sichuan, especially. Ideal serving temperature: 10-12°C.

3. Sauvignon Blanc

If anything was a typical “spring wine”, a bright and citrus filled Sauvignon Blanc would be it. This white wine provides delightful flavours of lemon and other citrus notes that are typical of a Sauvignon Blanc. It gives a refreshing flavour to your glass, without being too sweet or too dry as the weather is warming up.

Pair this with a white fish dish with a light herb and citrus sauce. Ideal serving temperature: 8-10°C

4. Gamay

A light-bodied red that smells like flowers and berries. Gamay Noir is at home in Beaujolais. At its most basic level, this wine is light, refreshing, and full of juicy fruit. So, level up to any of Beaujolais’ ten crus and see how these provide a wine with more substance and strength.

Pair this with anything picnic related (think cured meats, pâté, cheeses, spreads) as well as grilled glazed salmon or roasted vegetables. Ideal serving temperature: 8-10°C

5. Vermentino

Vermentino is a light-bodied white wine that grows mostly in Italy on the island of Sardinia. What’s exciting about Vermentino is it can be deliciously complex in taste in similar style to Sauvignon Blanc. Because Vermentino is so unknown, you can find high quality wines for a great value.

Pair this with a crisp apple and fig bruschetta or a fresh salad. Ideal serving temperature: 8-10°C


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