Coravin vs Corkscrew: A Battle Between Preservation & Freedom

If you’ve ever opened up a bottle of wine, then you’re already well acquainted with #thestruggle. Everything from how much you’ll drink, and deciding between red or white, to how you’re going to do your very best not to destroy that cork with the corkscrew this time, all flash through your mind. After you’ve opened the bottle and set in for an enjoyable glass of your favourite red or white, you start thinking about how you’re going to save the rest from spoiling and going to waste. You wonder if opening a whole bottle was even worth it in the first place! So why put up with the trouble, when there’s already a solution? Coravin is revolutionary and can quite literally change the way you experience wine. Here’s why:

Coravin’s effortless design allows you to pierce it’s needle right through the cork, granting you instant access to your wine. With the pressure from 99.99% argon gas that you release into the bottle, you push your wine up through the needle and pour straight into your glass. The Coravin Wine System is designed to make accessing and pouring wine simple. It’s easy for anyone to use! The way the System is built, you’ll never find yourself picking out bits of cork from inside your glass. Coravin keeps your wine experience cork free!

Coravin isn't actually about preservation - that's a job better suited for the cork. When you use a corkscrew, after you’ve poured your chosen glass, you’re left with that feeling of regret because you know you just condemned the wine left over in the bottle to a trip down the kitchen sink. Luckily, with Coravin, you’ll never have that feeling again. The Coravin System gives you the freedom to drink wine with zero waste due to oxidation. Imagine this, you could taste any wine from your entire wine collection at any time and evaluate how well it’s aging without ever uncorking a single bottle. Sounds like a dream come true! A traditional corkscrew might give you access to your wine, but it won’t allow you to keep it for later. Unfortunately, once the bottle is opened, the countdown until it’s dump-it-in-the-sink time begins. Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t finish the whole bottle on your own. Corkscrews will make you commit to a bottle or to throw your money away.

There’s also that pesky waiting game… Waiting for a party or having to invite some friends over just to be able to finally open and finish a whole bottle. That just stinks. With Coravin, power over wine is possible. You have the flexibility to have any wine whenever you want as often as you want. Be it just a glass at night after a long day at work or when hosting a party, you have the flexibility to enjoy whichever wine you choose and never have to commit.

There’s so much you can do with all this flexibility. Think of the possibilities! You’d be able to pair a different wine with each dish during a dinner course. Enjoying a Chardonnay with your salad and an aged Shiraz with your steak. Yumm! Or turn your entire wine collection into your very own wine bar! Now that sounds like fun. With Coravin your opportunities are endless. No corkscrew could ever do that. And if you collect wine, you can monitor where your wine is in its aging without ever disturbing the process.  You’ll never be sorry you didn’t pull the cork.

With Coravin you can stop opening and start tasting. It’s simple to use, it keeps your wine from spoiling, thus being to have some later, and can totally make a world of a difference in the way you experience wine. #Struggle no more, ditch the corkscrew and welcome to the world of Coravin!

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