Stay in Good Health With FRANC

When we think of temperature and environment control in different industries, our minds tend to wander to the field of hospitality. However, it’s not just the food and beverage industry that holds a stringent set of requirements and responsibilities when it comes to temperature and environment control.

The healthcare industry is one field that relies on accurate temperature and humidity control to ensure that a vast range of assets are maintained at their optimum. Whether we are talking about pharmaceuticals and laboratories to intensive care units in hospitals, reaching and maintaining the correct temperature is absolutely essential when it comes to all things medicine.

Let’s look into pharmaceuticals, ranging from certain medicines to vaccines that are created to save lives. These products need to be stored at exact temperatures to ensure their viability and longevity, maximising their shelf lives so they do not spoil before use. Regulations from the World Health Organisation states that medicines should be stored between 15-25 degrees Celsius, while specific medications such as vaccines for diseases such as measles and yellow fever need to be stored between 2-8 degrees Celsius until administered. With such exact temperature ranges and requirements that allow little room for error, it makes it all the more important that medical facilities are equipped with the proper storage monitors to ensure that such vital products are not rendered useless.

It is the same story for laboratories that house special medical equipment. These instruments require storage in temperature-controlled environments, as their performance can be compromised by a range of environmental factors – for example, some equipment can be corroded by fluctuating humidity levels in storage, resulting in damage and the potential need for replacement. Intensive care units in hospitals also require accurate and consistent temperature control to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of patients, while also controlling the potential growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.

When it comes to temperature and humidity control in the health sector, FRANC can be your new best friend. A temperature and humidity sensor device, FRANC can be used in a multitude of settings to help monitor the integrity of your storage space. It is especially useful in medical settings, as this compact monitor uses Wi-Fi and Cloud technology to constantly update you on the temperature and humidity level of your storage space. Better yet, FRANC can be used effectively both within storage fridges or in larger spaces, such as storage rooms.

Whether you require constant temperature control of vaccines or regulated room settings, FRANC could become your secret weapon within the healthcare industry. Meet FRANC today via Grand Cru, exclusive Australian distributors.