Include These Must-Visit Wineries on Your Post-Iso Exploration List

Australia’s viticulture industry has suffered a number of unprecedented blows so far this year, resulting in many beloved wineries and producers facing huge challenges to keep their vineyards going.

The bushfire crisis over the summer hit many wineries hard, with some losing virtually everything while scores of winemakers face the prospect of being unable to produce a 2020 vintage. Many wineries saw their crops decimated or severely damaged by the fires, while equipment and residences were also lost in regions such as the Adelaide Hills and Tumbarumba in New South Wales. 

Now the coronavirus pandemic has struck another blow to Australia’s wine producers, as quarantine measures have triggered an unprecedented drop in tourism numbers. Unable to open their cellar doors to the public, many wineries are aiming to combat economic hardship by selling wine via their websites. 

That means that the post-coronavirus future is the perfect opportunity for you to throw your support behind Australia’s wine industry. While you can help your favourite winemakers at the current time by purchasing direct from their websites, visiting their vineyards once isolation restrictions have been relaxed will have a positive effect upon their business.

Now is the perfect time to begin concocting your post-isolation winery tour, so why not begin with the vineyards below to kick off your list?

Henschke (Adelaide Hills, SA)

Henschke is responsible for producing some of Australia’s finest wines, so it is a must-visit for any Adelaide Hills wine tour. The winery did suffer considerable damage to its vineyard during the bushfire crisis, making it all the more important to show your support for this world-class producer.

Vinteloper (Adelaide Hills, SA)

This quality South Australian winery sadly lost its entire vineyard to the Cudlee Creek bushfire, with virtually nothing to be salvaged. It is one of the many family run properties in the region that will take time to regenerate, so buy direct for now and put it on your to-visit list in the post-coronavirus future.

Turon Wines (Adelaide Hills. SA)

 Turon Wines is one of the few Adelaide Hills wineries that escaped major damage during the bushfire crisis, but it is still a vineyard worth visiting to help aid recovery from the after-effects. This small batch producer, which could well be the region’s best kept secret, offers quality wines with special artistic labels.

Courabyra Wines (Tumbarumba, NSW)

First affected by the bushfires and now closed to the public due to COVID-19, Courabyra Wines has similar hardship to many of the other wineries on this list. Either way, it is a producer of exceptional wines that are well worth sampling in person during your next trip to the Snowy Mountains region.

Johansen Wines (Tumbarumba, NSW)

This family owned and run winery is slowly getting back on its feet after the bushfire crisis, which had a considerable effect on the vineyard and its equipment. The rave online reviews make this a must-visit on any New South Wales winery excursion.

Barangaroo Wines (Grampians, VIC)

A boutique winery with a formidable winemaking reputation, this vineyard is located within the unique Grampians tourist region. The winery is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to must-do activities, such as exploring Aboriginal cultural sites, waterfalls and overnight treks of the rugged region.

Pomonal Estate  (Grampians, VIC)

 This Grampians vineyard is more than just a winery – it also functions as a wedding venue and has a quality café available on site. Better yet, Pomonal Estate also provides accommodation, making this winery the perfect destination for your Victorian wine getaway.



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