Drink to Good Health with These Wellness-Boosting Wines

As we settle deeper into the current coronavirus lockdown, many of us are taking great joy in finally getting the chance to sample our wine collections. While there is nothing better than a glass of your favourite full-bodied red, just how good is it for your health in a time when most of us are taking extra wellness precautions?

The good news is that in moderation, some types of wines can improve certain aspects of your health. Plenty of research has been done into all the health benefits wine has to offer, with many trials showing that wine can provide an antioxidant boost while aiding heart and skin health.

Where does all this goodness come from? The key to wine’s health benefits lie in chemical compounds called polyphenols, which are found in the skins and seeds of grapes. They provide tannins and flavonoids that give your wine structure, texture and flavour. They are also really handy as antioxidants, as they combat free radicals that can damage your body’s cells via oxidation. The catch is some wines contain more polyphenols than others, with your Sagrantino brimming with them in comparison to your typical Sauvignon Blanc. If you are looking to enjoy the healthier types of wine, stick to tannic reds such as Tannat, the aforementioned Sagrantino and Cannonau from Sardinia.

There are plenty of healthier wine options on the market if you would like to sample beyond tannin-filled reds. These healthier varieties contain less sulphites and chemicals you’re your standard bottle – here are our recommendations of healthier wines to sample so you can stick to your quarantine wellness plan:

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