Grand Cru: Meet our CEO

Find out how Grand Cru stemmed from a lifelong love of wine from founder and CEO Matthew Gerard.



Like probably a lot of teenagers, I shifted from beer to wine early in my life and I started to appreciate it. I felt that two things were apparent: one, my dad used to put ice in his red wine which I’ve found to be strange, and I often drank red wine in particular that was always too warm and I felt that that didn’t maximise the flavour and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have. Over the journey, we have as a family owned a number of wineries - Chapel Hill Winery was one of those - so that gave me an understanding of wine and an understanding of the best way to enjoy it. I felt that that probably wasn’t being explored properly in Australia and so Grand Cru Wine Fridges was born out of a desire to help people store their wine correctly and also to serve their wine correctly.

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