Protect Your Wine Collection With FRANC

It’s the word on everyone’s lips, the front pages of every newspaper and the top trending topic on social media.   

There is no doubt that the world is well and truly in the grip of coronavirus and we are not immune here in Australia – just look at our supermarket shelves to see the impact the virus is having upon our society. As the peak of the pandemic is yet to be seen, it is crucial that we take the necessary steps now to ensure that we protect and preserve ourselves against the worst of the virus.

It is important for us to keep monitoring our health as the COVID-19 pandemic rolls on, whether that be by checking for symptoms or keeping an eye on our temperature. Why not keep track of the health of your wine collection in the same way? 

It is crucial to regularly check the temperature of your wine storage unit to ensure that your collection does not spoil or become damaged by fluctuating humidity levels. If you need a helping hand, look no further than FRANC, a temperature and humidity monitor that casts a watchful eye over your wine collection when you can’t.

FRANC can be used in an array of wine storage units and spaces to record their temperature and humidity levels. FRANC ensures that your wine is neither too hot nor too cold, ensuring that fluctuating levels will not have a disastrous impact upon the longevity of your collection. You will be keeping track of your own temperature to ensure you don’t display any virus symptoms, and FRANC does the same for your wine storage space – it keeps you in the loop to ensure that your wine fridge’s temperature never falls out of its predetermined range for a period of time that would be damaging. 

If you want to keep your wine in good health, you can’t look past the innovative monitoring power of FRANC. You can purchase FRANCthrough their exclusive Australian distributor Grand Cruto ensure that your wine collection remains protected.