Why Should You Join the Label View Cru?

In a world where there are so many wine storage options, it can be difficult to distinguish which advanced features your wine collection actually needs for maximum protection and preservation.  

While some features are there purely as a selling point, there are other elements that are actually designed to not only improve the function of your unit, but also make it easier for you to view and evaluate your wine collection.

Enter Grand Cru’s Label View range, which is equipped with patented ‘Label View’ telescopic shelving that does more than simply showcase your collection. The Label View range is designed for wine collectors with discerning tastes who would like to display their beautiful wine labels for all to see, but also those who appreciate the finest innovation when it comes to ease of use. 

This innovation is achieved by the unique patented shelving, which stores wine bottle in position parallel to the fridge window so you can view your collection without even opening the fridge door. The telescopic sliding allows you to easily view and access your wine by label, providing ease of selection so you can see exactly what wines you’ve got on hand to enjoy. Better yet, it allows you to access bottles at the back of your fridge without you having to contort your body in injury-inducing ways!

While the Label View collection does allow you to show off your investment into your wine collection, it also offers a definitive indication of capacity. The matrix shelf design accommodates all standard 750ml wine bottles regardless of their shape, meaning that the fridge’s stated capacity stands without being reduced. Take it from our customer Craig, who loves the fact that “143 bottles means 143 bottles…it will accommodate all of my bottle shapes without reducing my capacity”. He also notes that the near full extension of the new telescopic shelving “makes access to my wine really easy”.

For a stunning storage solution that is worth investing in, you can’t look past Grand Cru’s new Label View range. The easy view ethos of Grand Cru’s telescopic shelving means that regardless of whether you need to cellar a bottle or two or store wine at its proper temperature for serving, you’ll have unrivalled ease of access to your favourite wines.