Introducing GC Wine Concierge

Australia’s vineyards are world-renowned for their rich history, unique viticulture, and unmistakable quality of the wine. That’s why, at GC Wine Concierge, our passion for wine has inspired us to share the hidden gems of Australia’s finest emerging producers. Made for wine lovers across the country, experience and explore our range of premier wines.

GC Wine Concierge delves deep into the details of every wine on offer, many of which are exclusive to our service. Learn about the specific qualities, ideal storage, and even perfect food pairings for every bottle while browsing our diverse range. We have sourced our entire range from winemakers throughout the nation. From Chardonnay to Shiraz and everything in-between, there’s truly something for everyone to enjoy.

Alongside spotlighting the best wines and labels with wine lovers in Australia, we are dedicated to capturing the story behind every bottle. From chatting with local producers to sharing the breathtaking landscapes of vineyards, every bottle tells a story. For Matthew and Wes, the creators of GC Wine Concierge, the history and harvest behind our wine and the passion that goes into its creation- is just as important as that first sip.

Our exclusive Wine Finder quiz will match you with your perfect pairing for those seeking to broaden their palate. Do your preferences lean towards a red or a white, with a light or a full body? Are you looking for an aroma with hints of fruit or complex oak notes? Whatever you favour, the GC Wine Concierge Wine Finder can lead you to Australia’s premier wines and wine producers- selected to complement your tastes.

Created by Australian wine lovers to share up-and-coming, quality wine from across the country, GC Wine Concierge is here to bring the best of our vineyards into your home. Visit to begin browsing our refined range or get started with our Wine Finder Quiz at