The Wine Fridge Colour for Your Home

At Grand Cru, we know how hard it can be to update a kitchen with new appliances. Matching the colour palette, the other utilities, and the design era can become a lengthy task- that’s why our wine fridges now come in a vast range of shades and finishes. With a selection including minimalist black, modern stainless steel, and our brand-new sophisticated white, celebrating your wine collection in style has never been easier. But which kind will be the best for your space?

A white wine fridge is going to elevate and brighten any kitchen or living space. As black is the classic choice for a wine fridge, this style, like our Grand Cru White & Timber 46DWT, will stand out from the crowd with that extra touch of classic elegance. This style will fit in best with predominantly white or neutral kitchens and pairs nicely alongside a pop of colour. Thanks to the interior timber shelves, our white fridge models also look spectacular next to wooden cabinets.

Stainless steel doors, including our Grand Cru 92Q, will bring an efficient, polished finish to your home. This sleek style easily matches contemporary appliances, establishing a harmonious feel throughout your kitchen. Because of this, our stainless-steel fridges are incredibly versatile amongst many designs but pair best with contemporary or monochromatic kitchens. For the wine connoisseur with a modern flair, our stainless-steel range is your perfect match.

The traditional wine fridge option, our range of black doors are timeless choices. While blending in best with darker-toned spaces, these fridges can also work alongside wooden or coloured cabinets to elevate the sense of sophistication. Our range of black wine fridges comes in many finish and shelf options, such as the chic, ultra-matte Grand Cru Black 92QB. Always on-trend, this variety is a wine lover’s favourite for a reason.

Is your space cutting-edge and trendy, classic and minimalist, or warm and welcoming? Wherever your style lies, be proud of your design while bringing your love of wine front and centre with a Grand Cru wine fridge. For more information, our Wine Fridge Finder Quiz at is here to help, or check out our entire range at