You Need A Grand Cru Wine Fridge in Your Life: The Three Most Popular Wine Fridges

Did you know that temperature can dramatically change the taste of your wine? It’s easy to simply place a bottle in the kitchen, but heat from the stove or breezes from a window can lessen the quality of your wine. The average home also doesn’t come with a wine cave or cellar, so where should you be storing your precious wine? Here’s your answer: in a luxurious Grand Cru wine fridge.

With a Grand Cru wine fridge, you can luxuriously display your best bottles, but also store them under the perfect temperature for serving dinner guests or for a wind-down glass of wine. A fast-growing Australian brand, Grand Cru Wine Fridges carries an excellent range perfect for your home. Luckily for you, we’ve got a little bit of information about the three most fast-selling fridges:


  1. Grand Cru Black & Timber 46DBT


This gorgeous fridge is not only compact and easily portable, but has a sleek look that will bring some elegance to your space, along with a 46-bottle capacity and dual temperature zones. This fridge has the looks, too, with a modern rimless, double-glazed glass door with an integrated handle and even a blue LED interior light. Stylish!


  1. Grand Cru 92Q


This divine 92 bottle capacity fridge is too good to glaze over. Featuring vibration-free compressors, 12 slide-out wooden shelves and even an in-cabinet touchpad control with LED display, this fridge brings fancy to a new level. It also includes quadruple temperature zones and even stainless-steel door frames and handles. And if you’re not yet convinced, you can also save $99 when you purchase now!


  1. Grand Cru Black 92QB

An all-black look makes this fridge effortlessly classy. With a 92-bottle capacity, your tastiest reds and favourite whites will look so good in this fridge, you won’t even want to take them out. But when you do, you’ll be thankful for the regulated humidity control and quadruple temperature zones that keep your wine tasting absolutely delectable.

It’s needless to say a wine fridge is definitely a worthwhile investment. Your dinner guests will swoon over the classy addition to your space, but most importantly, your wine will stay tasting fantastically delicious. What are you waiting for?