The Modern Way To Cellar

Since its establishment ten years ago, Grand Cru has always aimed to serve the most devoted of wine lovers with only the very best in wine fridges. With many stainless steel and matte black options already available, the company has just released its new range of minimalistic alpine white fridges to the market. While exuding a new, fashionable aesthetic, these Grand Cru wine fridges feature the same reliable technology tailored specifically to caring for your beloved wine collection, built with intuitive temperature control and dual zones.

Available in a variety of sizes to suit every wine lover and their home, Grand Cru wine fridges are made to keep wine in just the right conditions to ensure the longevity of each bottle – whatever shape or size they may be. Better yet, these wine fridges are designed to keep your wines in the conditions intended by the winemakers. You can protect the aromas and flavours of each wine, and maintain freshness, leading to well looked after wines that are ready to drink now, or can be cellared for long-term maturation.

Now also offering brilliant, augmented reality (AR) technology via your smartphone, you can see exactly how a wine fridge would work within the realm of your kitchen – all without spending a single dollar! This convenient technology is a credit to them team at Grand Cru, with its innovative functions offering a glimpse into the future.

Grand Cru aren't just passionate about its fabulous products; the customer’s needs are always the priority. As wine lovers themselves, the team will help you find the wine fridge to suit your home and lifestyle through a personalised  customer journey. Your wine fridge will even come with a five-year warranty, for ultimate peace of mind.

If you’re a wine lover with a collection to care for, Grand Cru has you covered with wine fridges that are both fashionable and functional. Discover the full range, including the white look, along with a range of accessories on the website.