The Best Wine Courses for All Levels of Wine Lovers

We don’t know who came up with the phrase ‘you never stop learning’, but we can agree that it’s relevant when it comes to wine.

From alternative varietals and winemaking processes to regions and terroir, it is fair to say that there is always something else to learn about the wonderful world of wine. It doesn’t matter if you are already an aficionado or have recently developed an interest in viticulture – the opportunity to hone your craft is always there.

Lucky for us wine enthusiasts, there are dozens of wine academies dotted around Australia that offer informative and engaging courses covering everything from tasting techniques to sommelier school. You’ll get the chance to try bottles or varietals you’ve not experienced before, really refine your note-taking skills and best of all, have a bit of fun.

Even the astute wine lovers among us have something to learn, so gather your books and enrol in these wine courses for vino-thusiasts of all levels.


Amateur: The General Wine Course at Melbourne Wine Courses

Every wine lover started somewhere, so feel no shame in being a beginner in the wine world.

With the General Wine Course by Melbourne Wine Courses as your starting point, you will soon gain skills and knowledge that will elevate you beyond amateur level.

This course is ideal for anybody who has an itch for wine that they’d like to explore further. You’ll get the basics down pat, covering everything from tasting and smelling to looking and drinking during this one-night course. After you’ve tasted a variety of wines, your tutor will guide you to explore the factors that create the end result, such as grape type, vineyard climate and winemaking processes.

If delving into the wine world scares you, this is the perfect place to start thanks to the comfortable, informative environment that caters to wine enthusiasts of all levels.   


Not an amateur, but not an expert: Australian Wine Discovered courses from Wine Australia

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it is time to branch out and refine your knowledge so you can stand toe-to-toe with the connoisseurs.

You can refine your knowledge palate with the resource mecca that is Wine Australia. Their Australian Wine Discovered courses are part of a free resource hub that is used to educate winemakers and workers on industry standards, but they can also be accessed by the everyday wine lover who wants to expand their repertoire.

With short courses on everything from Australian wine regions to aged and alternative varietals, the Australian Wine Discovered courses are worth a visit if you want to brush up on your Australian wine knowledge.


Expert: WSET Level 4 in Wines course at The Sydney Wine Academy

With reputation as one of the prime training grounds for Australian wine experts, the Sydney Wine Academy offers a range of courses that are approved by The Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), the global authority on wine education.

If you want to become a true wine expert, it is fair to say that a WSET qualification will go a long way in certifying your genuine expertise. Any WSET qualification is highly regarded, but the Level 4 course is a specialise program that allows you to showcase your expertise in all aspects of wine. It’s an intensive course, but worth it if you have a genuine passion for wine and want to certify your breadth of expertise.

Bear in mind that you will need to complete the WSET Level 1, 2 and 3 courses before progressing onto this program. If you’d like to establish a career as a wine expert, this course is definitely the one for you.


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