Become a Wine Connoisseur With These 5 Luxury Accessories

Every wine lover knows that the right gadget or accessory can make a profound difference to the taste and texture of your wine.

While wine can be ready to drink as it is from the bottle, many wines can be improved to their optimal potential with the help of an accessory or two.

The good news is that there are a number of wine accessories on the market that combine luxury with premium function to ensure you are investing in a product that will truly enhance your collection.

If you want to elevate your wine collection, here are five luxurious wine accessories worth investing in.

Coravin system

This innovative accessory is ideal for wine lovers who want to experience their entire collection without needing to pop the cork and open each bottle.

Coravin systems feature a medical grade needle that creates a fine hole in the cork to inject argon gas, which pressurises the bottle so the wine can be pushed out. Once the needle is pulled out, the cork reseals itself so no air can get into the bottle and tarnish your wine.

This luxe accessory means you can sample a white, red or rosé from your collection whenever you like, giving you the freedom to pour and enjoy at your own leisure.


Wine fridge

All wine connoisseurs know that the secret to good wine is storing and serving it at its optimal temperature.

A wine fridge is one accessory worth investing in if you take the integrity of your wine collection seriously. Quality wine fridges allow you to set the temperature to ensure maximum climate control for all types of wines, while also offering a sleek aesthetic statement that fits into the most contemporary of home décor settings.

For a luxe wine accessory investment, a Grand Cru wine fridge is hard to beat.


Premium glassware

Forget standard glassware – for wine that reaches its full potential, you need to match it to the correct type of glass.

Any wine connoisseur worth their weight has a selection of glasses to choose from depending on the type of wine they are drinking, whether it be red, white or sparkling.



The timeless decanter is a perfect piece for budding wine connoisseurs. They’re a must have for wine lovers who want to improve their wine to ensure all aromas and flavours are released for maximum drinking enjoyment.  

Better yet, they offer a stylish interior statement in any décor setting.



While many wine connoisseurs extoll the benefits of a traditional decanter, the more tech-savvy wine lovers among us are looking to aerators to bring flavour and depth to their wines. 

Providing instant aeration, these handy gadgets replicate the effect of decantation in a pinch to exhale all flavours and reveal the wine’s aromas.

If you are serious about elevating your wine accessory game, this is one gadget worth investing in.


Combine these luxe wine accessories with a premium Grand Cru wine fridge to ensure your wine collection remains protected and preserved.