Four Wine Trends for This Autumn

Whether it’s rain, hail or shine, one thing is for certain - the wine continues to flow! We predict what wine trends will unfold for wine lovers this autumn


Wines with a story

Without being too cost heavy, there has been an increased desire for wines with a compelling narrative behind them. Now more than ever, wine lovers are curious about the winemakers behind each bottle.


The importance of innovation and sustainability

With constant environmental and ethical issues surrounding the industry, it is predicted that 2022 will prioritise innovation and sustainability. Particularly targeting younger demographics, this will be refreshed through revamped marketing and changes to online platform presence.


Rosé is here to stay

Gone are the days where this light fruity wine was only acceptable in the warmer months! Research shows that consumers are becoming more open to drinking fresh fruity wines in the cooler seasons of autumn and winter.




Light-weighting will become favourable

And no, that’s not the light-weight you were thinking! It’s predicted that excessively heavy glass bottles will become a thing of the past, with lighter bottles being a no-brainer for most estates looking to reduce their negative environmental impact.