Finding Your Perfect Wine Fridge

Purchasing your ideal wine fridge can be an overwhelming process. With so many models and specifications that tailor to different needs, it can be hard to know which wine fridge is right for you.


Here at Grand Cru, we’ve broken it down with our Wine Fridge Finder to make the process of buying a wine fridge a more simple and less stressful one.


First things first: How many bottles of wine do you need to store?

Our fridges cater for wine lovers, both big and small. Our small (up to 50 bottles), medium (50-200 bottles) and larger sized fridges (more than 200 bottles) ensure that there is a size to suit all of your wine storing needs.


How many zones do you need?

At Grand Cru we stock both both single and dual zone wine fridges. If you are storing only red or only white wine, a single zone fridge would be best for you. However if you’re a fan of both red and white wines, a dual zone fridge would be more appropriate




Fridge size?

We understand that every space is different. That’s why we have a range of shorter fridges that are suitable for when under the bench installation is needed, as well as taller fridges for when height isn’t an issue.


Are you serving your wine straight from the fridge?

While some wine lovers enjoy serving their wine straight from the fridge at the right temperature, our wine fridges are also used fro cellaring purposes. At Grand Cru, we have different wine fringes to suit your drinking and storing purposes.


Which colour would you prefer?

Whether you’re into a sleek black finish, a clean and sharp white design or stainless steel that is sophisticated and classy, we’ve got something to suit your environment.


Try our Wine Fridge Finder quiz today, for a straightforward and stress free wine fridge purchase.