Classic Food and Wine Pairings for Christmas Lunch

For many, Christmas lunch is all about indulgence. Rich, hearty dishes paired with equally full-bodied wines. Christmas lunch is always a special occasion and creating the perfect menu can be daunting. To make things easier, try some classic food and wine pairings!

Baked salmon served with buttery mashed potatoes and lemon zest paired with Sauvignon Blanc, or a citrusy Chardonnay will add freshness, and magnificently complements each other, delivering bright and crisp flavours. Sparkling wines are an ideal complement to rich, creamy dishes like grilled scallops in cream sauce. 

For the main course, opt for a full-bodied Australian shiraz with roast lamb, or perhaps a fragrant pinot noir alongside a tender pork roast. Steak, mushrooms and potatoes will perfectly accompany Shiraz to bring out its flavour profile of dark-fruit such as plums and blackberries. 

Finally for dessert, a classic Pavlova can be deliciously matched by a late-harvest Gewurztraminer from Australia to balance out this sugary delight! Or, indulge in the creamy goodness of Camembert and Brie when served with some late-harvest Riesling for an irresistible sweet and savoury combination!

If you’re not sure which wine to serve this Christmas, look no further than Grand Cru’s Wine Concierge to find your perfect wine pairing.