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As fads go in and out of style there’s one thing we can count on – the consistency of black. Neon, pastel, silver, rose gold, and any other colour you can think of can go out of style in the blink of an eye. Of course, personal preferences should be a priority, but many of us still like to stay in with the current trends. Black, however, is timeless. The only colour that you can pair with anything and have it still look good. And with Grand Cru’s fridges, it's no different. Whether you’re a novice wine collector or a serious enthusiast, you can get a classic matte black fridge at Grand Cru that suits your space and won’t go out of style.


Grand Cru Black & Timber 46DBT

If your collection hasn’t expanded much yet, or if you’ve simply just got a smaller space, the Grand Cru Black & Timber 46DBT may be the ideal fridge for you. This fridge comes with a stunning black finish and natural timber shelf trims and can hold up to 46 bottles. It’s ideal for built-in and under-bench installations so that it can be neatly incorporated into your kitchen space.


Grand Cru Black 46DB

If you are not a fan of the timber shelf trims and would like to opt for an all-black look, don't worry! The Grand Cru Black 46DB is the perfect all-black alternative. This alternative comes with 6 slide-out black powder-coated wire shelves with black trim. Just like the above, this fridge can hold up to 46 bottles and is suitable for built-in and under-bench installation.


Grand Cru Black & Timber 92QBT

As your collection grows you may want to upgrade to a bigger fridge. The Grand Cru Black & Timber 92QBT has a capacity of 92 and comes with modern black rimless glass doors with integrated handles, making it a sleek medium-sized addition for your collecting needs. You can store wines of all sorts in this fridge; it comes with 4 individual temperature zones. Its small stature means that it is still suited for built-in and under-bench installations.


Grand Cru Black 200QB

For the expansive wine aficionado, the Grand Cru Black 200QB may be the perfect modern matte black choice, with its considerable capacity of 188 bottles. This 2-door quadruple zone fridge is ideal for storing all your different kinds of wine in one place. It comes with 16 telescopic slide-out black powder-coated wire shelves with black wood trim for a sleek monochrome look.


Grand Cru Black 332QB

The perfect large fridge for a grand collection. The Grand Cru Black 332QB comes with a mighty 332-bottle capacity. It is multi-zone, and suitable for red and white wines, so you can store all your favourites in the same space for ease of access. Impress all your wine-enthusiast friends with this stunning quad-zone wine fridge for your convenient home cellaring.


If none of these fridges suit your needs, head over to the Grand Cru website and take the quick Wine Fridge Finder quiz to find the one that best suits you!