Sometimes, wine terminology can seem like a different language (some of the words actually are!), but when used correctly, you will be able to present as the most seasoned sommelier at any dinner party.


Of course, we wanted to start with a term that’s part of our name and who we are. “Cru” is a French word which directly translates to “growth”. It is related to “terroir”, and refers to wine originating from a vineyard or group of vineyards renowned for their quality. “Grand Cru”, or “great growth”, often refers to the potential of a vineyard to produce quality wine.


This term incorporates all the environmental aspects surrounding a vineyard that affects the qualities and characteristics of the wine. Factors affecting this include climate, geology of the area including the soil type, geomorphology, and other plants that have been previously grown in the plot where the vineyard lies. All of these factors influence the final product.


We hear this term a lot when it comes to wine, but what does it really mean? It is commonly thought to refer to an old wine, but really it means a wine that uses grapes entirely grown and harvested in a particular single year. 


Basically, this term refers to the aftertaste of the wine on the palate. “Finish” can also be used to describe this.


Aroma is most often used for younger wines, whereas “bouquet” is used for older wines.


The layers of scents detected in an aged wine.


Another term encompassing aroma and bouquet, referring to the scents of wine.


The nuances in flavour and scent in a wine.


The presence of tannins in red wine contributes to a sensation that can be described as drying on the inside of the mouth, which is caused by the seeds, skin and stem of the grape. It can be likened to the sensation of a very strong cup of black tea.


This refers to the dynamic between different components in the wine, including the acidity, alcohol, tannin, etc.


When referring to a bottle of wine, the ullage indicates the level of air from the top of the liquid to the bottom of the cork of a vessel. This air can affect the levels of oxidation that occur in a wine. The amount of ullage can imply the condition of an older wine.

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