A Guide to the Best Christmas Wines

Lights are being hung, trees are being decorated, the aromas of mince pies and shortbread are filling our kitchens and ‘All I Want For Christmas’ is being played at every second department store.


The countdown to Christmas has officially begun, and, in a year that has been like no other, the majority of people are ready to embrace the festive season.  


Christmas this year will, for most, be different. Although we are very fortunate to live in a country that is no longer in any form of lockdown and is successfully suppressing the virus, we may all still have friends or family trapped overseas or who we cannot visit. After a year that has taught us about the importance of our relationships and socialising, people are going above and beyond to appreciate the small things with loved ones.


So, whether you are celebrating with a sharehouse, hosting a ‘Friendmas’ or are fortunate to be going to a family gathering, use our Christmas Wine Pairing Guide to help make your Christmas meals extra special this year.




Entrees are one of the favourite parts of any meal and can help start the night off with a bang. Sparkling wine or champagne are not only delicious starters, but they also help your guests to refresh their palates in preparation for the rest of the meal. Sparkling wines such as Champagne are versatile and work well with a range of common Christmas entrees, like salmon canapes or cheese platters.


Christmas Ham


A special treat that we get once a year, you want to make sure that all your elements are perfect to get the most out of this main. Depending on the glaze of your Christmas ham, the pairing recommendation differs. If it’s a lighter glaze, a Riesling will work perfectly with their acidic flavours. If it’s a fruiter glaze, opt for a red, especially from the Burgundy region or a light-bodied Shiraz. You want to make sure you choose a light-to-medium weight red, as it is also peak summertime.




Another popular main course, the pairing recommendations for this type of poultry will also differ depending upon considerations such as herb-fillings and rich sauces. For whites, look for a full-bodied wine, such as a Chardonnay or Viognier to create balance. If you’re looking for something richer, opt for a Pinot Noir or Aged Bordeaux as both are good with fruit and have reduced tannins.



A main that is common in Australia to match the hot weather, seafood is becoming an increasingly popular meal to serve at Christmas time. Lean more towards white wines for seafood unless you are serving richer foods such as pasta, as their citrusy flavours perfectly complement seafood (and can even act like a lemon seasoning for the food). Both Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling match very well with seafood.


Now that you have the perfect drinks, you need to make sure you store them correctly to maximise their flavours. Grand Cru have a diverse range of wine fridges, complemented by the Wine Fridge Finder quiz that will help you find your perfect fridge.