4 Reasons Why Wine Lovers Need A Wine Fridge



You can’t call yourself a wine connoisseur without a Grand Cru wine fridge. Impeccably classy, a Grand Cru is for every home where wine means more than a sip. Wine means moments spent in relaxation, laughter and good energy. It means time with family, with friends or even on one’s own, indulging in wherever the shiraz, chardonnay or rosé takes you.


In case you’re wondering, a wine fridge is a specialised refrigerator designed specifically for storing wine. Here are just four reasons why every wine lover needs one:


  1. Temperature control: Wine needs to be stored at a specific temperature in order to age properly and maintain its flavour and quality. A wine fridge allows you to store your wine at the optimal temperature, which is generally between 5-12C or 12-22C for different types of wine.
  1. Humidity control: In addition to temperature, wine also needs to be stored in an environment with the right level of humidity. Too much humidity can cause the cork to become moist, which can allow air to enter the bottle and spoil the wine. Too little humidity can cause the cork to dry out, which can also allow air to enter the bottle and spoil the wine. A wine fridge helps to maintain the right level of humidity for your wine.
  1. Light control: Wine is sensitive to light and can be damaged by exposure to UV rays. A wine fridge helps to protect your wine from light by keeping it in a dark environment.
  1. Vibration control: Vibration can also be harmful to wine, as it can cause the wine to become agitated and can affect the aging process. A wine fridge helps to minimise vibration by keeping the bottles stable and still.


Overall, a Grand Cru wine fridge is a fantastic investment for anyone who is serious about storing and aging their wine collection. Because after all, what’s the point in your gorgeous wine collection if you can’t show it off or keep it fresher for longer?


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