4 Winter Reds To Get Your Sip On

There are many reasons why red wine is the perfect drink for winter. Red wine is naturally rich and flavorful, making it the perfect companion for hearty winter dishes. Additionally, red wine is known for its ability to warm the body and relax the mind, making it the perfect drink for a cold winter night. Discover some of Grand Cru’s favourite winter reds below and warm up this winter.

Bended Knee Pinot Noir, $41.90

Produced from grapes grown in cool-climate Ballarat, the Bended Knee Pinot Noir is a vibrant and complex fruity red. Tasting notes include strawberry, cedar wood, sweet spice and beetroot deliver a unique pinot noir that is certain to delight the senses. Paired perfectly with chicken and duck, this wine is best enjoyed in front of a roaring fire with friends. Rated highly by the CG Concierge Wine Points Rating System and the 2022 Halliday Wine Companion, the Bended Knee Pinot Noir receives a 93 from both.


Red Edge Cabernet Sauvignon, $28.90

Cabernet sauvignons are a firm winter favourite due to their deep, fruity flavour and perfect pairing with warming winter foods such as stews or beef ragus. The full-bodied Red Edge Cabernet Sauvignon is packed full of bold, fruity, blackcurrant tones intermingling with the natural acidity and firm tannins. This wine gets a score of 94 on the GC Wine Concierge Wine Points Rating, and 93 2022 Halliday Wine Companion wine points.


Mitchell Harris Shiraz, $38.90

This multi-layered, rich red is the perfect wine to settle down and relax with. Decant this luxurious wine to discover notes of cherries, dark chocolate, and delicate spices and a long finish. This shiraz has a high rating on the GC Wine Concierge Wine Points Rating System with 96 points and a rating by the 2022 Halliday Wine Companion Wine Points System of 95. This full bodied, dry red would pair perfectly with barbequed meats or a decadent Sunday roast.


Lethbridge Mietta Pinot Noir, $98.90

This truly exceptional wine is the premium pinot noir that Grand Cru has to offer, and is one of the highest-rated by the GC Wine Concierge Wine Points Rating System and 2022 Halliday Wine Companion Wine Points System, with a score of 97 and 96 respectively. The Geelong-produced, full bodied, Lethbridge Mietta Pinot Noir delivers earthy, forest floor tastes and is full of immense spices. Pair this special red with a delectable roast suckling pig or is just as beautiful with any warming, wintery duck dish.


Grand Cru has countless delicious reds on offer this winter. Make sure to check out the red wine range, and browse through Grand Cru, Australia’s premier provider of wine enjoyment solutions.