The Rising Popularity of Organic Wine, and Why You Should Try It!

Organic wine may just be better for your health and the environment.


It is no surprise that the organic food and drinks industry has expanded substantially over the years. With sales growing at an immense 54% a year, organic winemaking has evolved significantly in this rise of minimal-intervention products.


Organic wines are environmentally conscious and have been crafted to enjoy as nature intended them. Australia proudly produces seven certified organic preservative-free wines. According to the Australian Certified Organic Standard, organic winemakers avoid using synthetic chemicals in their soil, wine, or vines entirely.


When shopping for organic wine, the most effective means to ensure its organic composition is to look for the certification logo on its label.


While you may experience peace of mind thanks to the absence of chemicals or pesticides in your wine, you may be wondering whether organic wine is healthier for you in any capacity.


Organic wine grapes produce heartier skins, which mean higher concentrates of their 'good' components, such as antioxidants. Organic wines are also free of any vineyard additives like pesticides and herbicides. They also have less sugar on average, as well as no flavouring agents or colouring.


These additives typically lead people to wind up with that infamous headache after drinking wine, so opting for the organic choice in your next purchase may help relieve that symptom.

Another benefit of organic wine is the lasting benefits for the environment and farmers due to organic farming practices. Organic vines generally require less water as the soil is built with compost and matter, which holds water more effectively. By organic winemakers using less water and not adding chemicals to the existing water supply, the vineyard is playing a significant role in leaving the Earth as healthy as they found it.


Purchasing organic wines also means that you are supporting local, small businesses that are more sustainable and have less impact on the local ecosystems.


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