The Hottest Home Appliance Trends for Builders

Gone are the days of the classic top-loaded white fridge and energy-guzzling gas stove top – today, the home appliance is abuzz with innovative, chic designs that have the power to transform a room and create a very happy homeowner. 

When it comes to home appliances, those in the building industry will have noticed that contemporary trends have driven the demands and needs of your customers.

Today, homeowners are looking for appliances that combine form and function to create sleek, stylish statements that don’t skimp on innovation.

Not only do customers expect their appliances to lead the way in function and style; they also require them to stand up to the rigours of a busy lifestyle to provide optimum value for money.

Here are our top three home appliance trends to help guide builders in choosing the right unit for their customer’s needs.

Design: Back to basics with black and white

Unique finishes have long been a trend that builders have registered among their client base. While bright pops of colour and rich textural finishes have emerged as trends over the last few years, the rise of a monochromatic colour palette featuring black and white will no doubt have minimalists rejoicing.

It’s easy to see why black and white has cropped up as a trend, too – this sophisticated colour palette still offers that timeless feel that works in a range of décor settings, while being given a fresh update thanks to rich, sumptuous finishes.

Black matte appliances have now become a mainstay in many Australian homes, with everything from dishwashers and refrigerators to ovens and wine fridges being washed with this incessantly chic finish. Some homeowners are opting for subtle black matte accents in smaller appliances like Grand Cru’s chic 46DB black wine fridge, while others are going all out and updating all their kitchen appliances to this dark hue.  

Grand Cru’s 46DB wine fridge encases dual zone technology in an on-trend black matte finish. Image: Grand Cru Wine Fridges.
On the flip side, ice white finishes have also become popular thanks to the hybrid Japandi trend, with fuses the flair of modern Scandinavian design with the elegance of Japanese aesthetic. Rather than the stark white appliances of yesteryear, today’s reincarnation is punctuated with brushed stainless-steel handles and artful designs to provide a contemporary feel. Take Grand Cru’s new 46DWT wine fridge as a leader in this trend, with its fresh white finish and earthy timber trims that provide a simple yet stunning style statement.

Grand Cru’s new white range, featuring wine fridges such as the 46DWT, is designed to seamlessly slot into your décor setting. Image: Grand Cru Wine Fridges.

The emergence of these cool-as-ice tones are a great option for builders who are working with a neutral kitchen, as these appliances will complement, rather than overwhelm, a lighter kitchen setting.

Innovation and Functionality: Smart Technology

Smart technology has taken centre stage in our homes for a number of years, but it is just starting to creep its way into our kitchens. Builders have likely already been inundated with requests for smart appliances by homeowners, who are increasingly embracing the smart gadget craze.

That being said, there has been a shift towards customers seeking out smart technology that they will actually use, rather than just incorporating it into their lifestyle for the sake of it. Today, homeowners are looking for smart appliances that are not only innovative but also effective. Samsung’s AddWash Smart Washer, with personalised AI settings and innovative cleaning technology, is one product leading the way when it comes to smart home appliances.


Samsung’s new AddWash Smart Washer offers innovative function that is designed to make life that little bit easier. Image: Samsung Australia.

Meaningful, intuitive features, such as voice activation and Bluetooth syncing, are fast becoming the number one requirement for builders when it comes to sourcing smart appliances. Homeowners are looking for appliances that are easy to use and customise – they want smart technology that turns on their oven when they are 20 minutes from home, rather than gadgets that require significant effort to master.

Manufacturers have listened, too – builders will be seeing crazes such as touchless and voice activated features, as well as the inclusion of internal cameras to check or monitor appliances while on the go, as this trend continues to grow.

Sustainability: Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency ratings have been a feature of home appliances for many years, but builders have likely already noticed that their customers are looking for more advanced ways to make their kitchens eco-friendly.

Out are old gas lines and fittings, in are induction technology and other forms of sustainable power that allow kitchens to function while reducing their impact on the environment. Fisher and Paykel’s 60cm induction cooktop is a stellar option for those looking to reduce their eco footprint while cooking up a storm, thanks to its innovative SmartZone technology.

Induction cooktops, like Fisher and Paykel’s 60cm SmartZone model, have become a trendy appliance option for sustainability-minded consumers. Image: Fisher and Paykel Australia.

At the forefront of this movement sits induction technology, which many builders are needing to incorporate into their design and construction of contemporary kitchens. Building upon this is an increased demand for energy efficient home appliances, with modern solutions combining sustainability with innovative smart features to provide the ultimate in everyday appliances.

From stovetops to refrigerators and dishwashers, energy efficiency has taken over the kitchen in the push towards building greener homes. Also worth a mention is the movement towards appliances themselves being constructed from recycled materials, which aligns with a greater public emphasis on embracing a zero-waste lifestyle.

Modern problems require modern solutions, which is why builders are keeping their finger on the pulse of the latest home appliance trends. 

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