The Best Wines for Springtime Drinking This Year

Spring has sprung, and summery days are on the horizon. It’s the perfect time to start stowing away those full-bodied and unctuous reds you invested in over winter, and start stocking your wine fridge with light, refreshing drops that make for the perfect accompaniment to extended dusks and breezy evenings.  

If you’re ready to give your wine fridge a full spring clean, make sure you check out the trendiest wines to embrace this season.

Orange Wines

We’re kickstarting our list with something a little different from your typical reds, whites and rosés. Not to be confused with a Mimosa cocktail, orange wine is a type of white wine that is made by leaving the grape skin and seeds in contact with the juice. The result is a deep orange-hued beverage grounded in nutty flavours and a slightly sour taste. Typically described as robust and bold, and offset by honeyed aromas, orange wines are a unique deviation from your standard springtime wine list.

Pair with: Equally bold foods, such as rich curries, Korean dishes or traditional Japanese cuisine.

Ideal serving temperature: 10-12°C for lighter orange wines, 12-14°C for bolder ones.

Unoaked Chardonnays

With their rich, buttery flavours, oaked chardonnays are typically reserved for colder weather, meaning it’s time to switch things up. Opt for unoaked, or at least lightly oaked chardonnays, and indulge in crisp and refreshing citrus, lemon cream and floral aromas. 

Pair with: Seafood (especially oysters!), poached chicken dishes and creamy sauces.

Ideal serving temperature: 6-9°C

Sauvignon Blends

Whilst on the topic of white wines, a springtime drinking list simply wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Sauvignon blends. Sauvignon Blanc has long been a winner, but there are many more varieties out there nowadays — why not experiment with a delicious drop of Savvy B from South Africa? Also, don’t forget to revisit those white Bordeaux flavours and other Sauvignon-Semillon blends for a rich and vast range of whites on hand this spring.

Pair with: Goat’s cheese, asparagus, grilled fish and light dishes flavoured with coriander and dill.

Ideal serving temperature: 8-10°C

Light French Reds

If you’re more of a red wine enthusiast, the warmer weather doesn’t mean you have to bid farewell to your beloved burgundy drops over the next few months. Certain red wines found in France have low tannins and are usually free of oak aging, instead offering a fresh and easy-to-drink wine that’s high in acidity for a nice, crisp lightness. Pop a bottle in the fridge for 20 to 30 minutes and serve with dinner!

Pair with: Summer barbecues and roast chicken.

Ideal serving temperature: 12-14°C


Another springtime drop of the red variety, Italian Lambrusco is a deliciously light red, fizzy wine. Whilst the Lambrusco grape itself is not particularly sweet, partial fermentation can turn up the notch on those sugary levels for a refreshing drink. When unfermented, Lambrusco wine still produces subtle notes of strawberry in a dry wine with a slight bitter finish.

Pair with: Pizza or charcuterie. 

Ideal serving temperature: 12-15°C


Last but not least, we’re capping off our list with the delightful Prosecco. As an utterly charming variety, Prosecco is a sparkling wine that is slightly softer and more rounded than champagne. Featuring intense floral aromas and flavours of cream, green apple and honeysuckle, the crisp bite of Prosecco is the ideal springtime drink.

Pair with: Summer fruits, cured meats and middle-weight Asian dishes.

Ideal serving temperature: 4-8°C

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