Looking for a wine fridge? Grand Cru is home to the largest range and best-looking fridges in Australia

For lovers of vino everywhere, from the enthusiast through to the sommelier, a wine fridge has become somewhat of an essential item in terms of style, luxury, and convenience in any home.

Currently the fastest growing brand of wine fridges in Australia, Grand Cru take pride in showcasing a vast range of models and styles that are both practical and stylish, keeping up to date with the latest home and décor design and colour trends.

One fridge of note within Grand Cru’s extensive range is the Grand Cru 92Q, an ultra-modern sophisticated 92 bottle fridge containing four easily accessible zones. The 92Q model, which is currently on sale allowing wine lovers to save $99 with a purchase, is the ultimate in practicality, containing state of the art features such as vibration free compressors, four individual temperature zones, and an in-cabinet touch pad control with LED display.

Designed with a double-glazed tempered smoked glass door fitted with contemporary stainless steel door frames and handles, the Grand Cru 92Q is a fridge that will certainly impress your guests and is fantastic for serving drinks whilst entertaining. With the inclusion of four different zones and temperatures the fridge is suitable for both Red and White wine, accommodating wine lovers of any preference and palate.

Depending on your preferences and which style best suits your home, customers also have the option of purchasing Grand Cru’s Black 92QB model, containing the same state of the art features as the original model but coloured in a modern sleek black finish.

If you are looking to add a new air of sophistication and class into your home, make sure you have a peruse of Grand Cru’s extensive range which can be found on their website below.