Is Non-Alcoholic Wine a Winner?

Heineken did it, but can the wine industry pull it off? 

It turns out yes it can when it comes to non-alcoholic offerings. While wine lovers far and wide may be unsettled by the news of no alcohol in a bottle of wine, the non-alcoholic trend has taken off in the Australian viticulture industry.

Wine powerhouse Australian Vintage is leading the way, with chief executive Craig Garvin explaining in an interview with the Australian Financial Review that non-alcoholic wine was proving to be a hit in the wine world.

McGuigan, one of the top wine labels in the Australian Vintage stable, released its ‘Zero’ range just last year comprising of four different wines. Garvin said that this range has made up 10 per cent of sales in the entire McGuigan profile, showcasing the growing demand for non-alcoholic options in the Australian viticulture space.

While low-alcohol wine has failed to truly take off since its introduction to the Australian market, there has been such an interest in the non-alcoholic sphere that it has become a genuine mainstream option.   

Why? Many viticulture industry experts point to the fact that Australia’s strong fitness focus is finally intersecting with our famous drinking culture. More of us are becoming health conscious than before, especially after a year spent overindulging due to COVID-19 restrictions, so it makes sense that consumers are looking for healthier alternatives to their typical glass of ‘savvy b’. However, the fact that drinking forms the social glue of our society means that many of us still want to drink something beyond water when catching up with friends. 

Whether you are genuinely looking for healthier wine alternatives or are simply feeding your curiosity, here are our picks of the top non-alcoholic wines available:

  • McGuigan ‘Zero’ range (available from Dan Murphy’s)
  • Lindeman’s Alcohol Free range (available from Dan Murphy’s)
  • Fizzero Zero Alcohol Sparkling Wine (available from Vinomofo)
  • Fronti Non Alcoholic White and Red Sparkling (available from Dan Murphy’s)


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