Get Ahead Of The Curve With Our New Wine Fridge Design

Not all wine fridges are made equal. Some may offer us unbeatable storage for our wine collection but lapse when it comes to style and sophistication; others may be aesthetically pleasing but fail to match the needs of our wine collection.

At Grand Cru, we strongly believe that while your wine fridge should be functional, it should also be stylish. Just as you want your wine fridge to protect and preserve your wine collection, we want your storage solution to become a mainstay that seamlessly fits into your home while safely storing your wine.

With our new Grand Cru 42SBLK wine fridge, you no longer need to choose between function and aesthetics. Instead, this new Grand Cru model offers you a distinctive and contemporary wine storage solution that will still hold all your favourite wines. 

While the 42-bottle capacity may seem meagre for wine lovers with a sizable collection, this freestanding unit provides a great option for those who want to make a statement with their wine storage. That’s because it is the first Grand Cru wine fridge to feature a distinctive curved door design, ensuring it fits into even the most trend-aware décor settings. The matte black curved door offers a unique touch that won’t look out of place in your kitchen, dining room, outdoor entertaining area…wherever you want to show off this chic design!

Better yet, this small but mighty unit is suitable for both red and white wines, so you can serve both fresh out of the fridge. If you are looking for a wine storage solution that packs a stylish punch, Grand Cru thinks you’d be hard pressed to find a unit that covers these bases as well as the 42SBLK.

The cherry on top is that the Grand Cru 42SBLK wine fridge is currently on sale for only $999 – that’s a saving of $500. Who could refuse this combination of style and saving?


Purchase your Grand Cru 42SBLK and explore our range of wine storage solutions and accessories via the Grand Cru website today.