Discover The Ultimate In Wine Enjoyment Accessories

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or have just delved into the world of wine appreciation, there is no doubt that the wine accessory market can be overwhelming. What products will actually enhance your wine enjoyment experience, and which ones are simply marketing ploys?

If you are in the game for a wine accessory to enhance your collection, a Coravin System is a worthwhile investment. Essentially a wine preservation tool, Coravin Systems allow you to pour wine from a cork-topped bottle without having to actually open it and drink it all at once – you can sample wine as you please, before returning it to your collection where it will stay preserved and protected.

Coravin Systems work by pushing a needle through the cork, creating a small opening through which you can pour wine from the bottle as if it were open. Argon-filled capsules pressurise the wine to limit exposure to oxygen, and after pouring you simply remove the needle by detaching the system from the cork. The small pierce left in the cork naturally reseals itself over time, allowing you continue to enjoy that bottle of wine for years to come.

The great thing about a Coravin System is that it can be used in various scenarios, whether you are a wine lover or a professional working in the hospitality industry. That means you can use it at your restaurant to allow guests to sample wine before selecting a bottle to drink, or at home when you’d like to try a new bottle of wine you have just purchased.

Coravin Systems are designed to work on a number of different wine types and bottles, making it a versatile option for everyone from the wine enthusiast to the bona fide appreciator. Dessert, fortified, chilled and vintage wines can all be used with a Coravin System; however, keep your Coravin far away from their sparkling counterparts such as Champagne. Coravin Systems can also be used with a range of different bottle styles, from Magnum to your standard Bordeaux and Burgundy.

If you have your eyes on a Coravin System, look no further than the range stocked at Grand Cru, Australia’s wine appreciation specialists. These innovative systems allow you to enjoy your wine as you please, whether you are an entry level wine lover or a passionate appreciator. Explore the Coravin system range at Grand Cru to find the ultimate in wine enjoyment accessories.