Celebrate Spring With These Popular Wine Trends

Australia’s wine industry has faced a number of obstacles this year, from bushfires over summer to the current coronavirus pandemic that has forced many vineyards to close their doors for an extended period of time.

What better way to support Australian viticulture than by trying out these new wine trends this Spring? Here are our favourite wine trends and makers worth sampling as the weather begins warming up.   



Shiraz has long been Australia’s most popular red, but the medium-bodied Grenache has begun to emerge as a popular contender. Often used to make fortified wines or add to blended varieties, Australian winemakers have begun to embrace the potential of this home-grown grape to great effect. Grenache is best enjoyed between 12-14 degrees Celsius, with its semi-sweet, slightly fruity taste offering a great springtime alternative for wine lovers.



This blush-hued blend isn’t just made for balmy summer nights – it also works well as a springtime sip that offers complexity without being moreish. Rosé is the ideal wine for those occasions that call for easy drinking, such as picnics, spring lunches or lazy weekend afternoons. Many Australians seem to agree too, as rosé and other pink wine varietals continue to be popular among wine drinkers. This easy-to-drink wine is best enjoyed chilled to between 8-10 degrees Celsius.


Low and no-alcohol wines

Whether you have been watching your waistline during lockdown or just want to cut back your alcohol consumption, low and no-alcohol wines are made for the health conscious among us. Best served between 6-10 degrees Celsius depending on the style, these innovative blends are often successful at replicating the taste of your favourite wines albeit with lower alcohol content so you can indulge guilt-free.


Going local

With the Australian wine industry facing one challenge after another in 2020, there has never been a better time to go local with your wine consumption. Many of us have shifted our mindsets towards supporting local wineries and vineyards over the past few months, with wine lovers looking to buy direct from local winemakers to help support their businesses.

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