Busting 5 Myths about Wine Fridges

To the average Australian, a wine fridge is an unnecessary purchase, something for people that don’t know what to do with their money, because wine fridges aren’t that useful. Well, this perception would be false, as wine fridges are designed to offer the perfect environment for preserving and aging wines. There are multiple myths surrounding the product which may deter customers, but today we debunk them and introduce you to a wine fridge you cannot say no to, Grand Cru Wine Fridges.

Myth 1: The fridge in the garage is the wine fridge

Fact: Ordinary kitchen and garage fridges are designed to stay cold (around 0˚ and 5˚C) and have dry air flow systems. This is far too cold for most wines, especially white wines which are traditionally stored in the fridge. The dry airflow combined with the low temperatures can cause corks to dry and allow air to seep in and spoil the wine. It is proven that wine must be stored around 11˚- 14˚C with a stable humidity level to be correctly preserved. So maybe keep the garage fridge for the beers and keep the wines somewhere else.

 Myth 2: Wine Fridges take up too much space

Fact: Wine fridges do not have to be as big as your kitchen fridge. They come in many sizes and shapes to fit your preference. Grand Cru Wine Fridge offers products that can hold anywhere from 12 – 300 bottles that can be stored in multiple different places and can be built-in or free standing! Grand Cru offers a quick quiz so you can find your perfect match for your wines.

Myth 3: Wine Fridges are only for the rich collectors

Fact: Big or small, your collection of wines deserves top quality treatment. While high-end models can be pricey, there are many affordable options that offer the luxury feeling. Grand Cru offers a range of fridges with prices that can match any households, combining quality craftsmanship with advanced features at competitive prices. If you think about it, the wine fridge could be considered an investment, saving you money long term by preserving the value and enjoyment of your wine collection

Myth 4: The energy consumption is too high

Fact: In today’s economy, it is more than valid to have concerns about increasing your energy bills due to a wine fridge, however, modern wine fridges are designed to be energy efficient, and Grand Cru wine fridges are no different. The technologies are advanced, and they have insulated glass doors ensuring minimal energy consumption while maintaining optimal storage conditions. This will keep your energy bills low without compromising the quality of your wine collection

Myth 5: Red and White wines can’t be stored in the same place

Fact: This is true. Red and white wines do require different temperatures to effectively preserve them. But this is not a worry due to Grand Cru’s wine fridges offering dual zone cooling systems. This allows for different wines to be stored in the same place, setting the ideal temperatures simultaneously.

It is obvious that the myths surrounding wine fridges are often based on misconceptions that fail to recognise the true value these appliances bring to the preservation of your wines. Through this myth busting it is true that Grand Cru Wine Fridge offers not only practical but essential wine fridges for enthusiasts to maintain the quality and integrity of their bottles. The products features are designed with the intention of ensuring the wine ages as gracefully and taste as good as the cheese they match.

Whether you have a modest or extensive collection, Grand Cru has a model for you. Don’t let misconceptions put a cork in your wallet, explore the range of Grand Cru wine fridges today and find your perfect match. Visit our website, take the quick quiz, and enjoy the benefits of perfectly stored wine. I’m raising my glass to that!