A Few Fascinating Facts about Red Wine

Red wine is a versatile beverage. Not only are there so many different kinds and a symphony of delicious aromas and flavours to enjoy in the realm of red wine, there are also a bunch of health benefits that come along with drinking the illustrious drink. People have enjoyed this imbibement for centuries, and there has grown quite a culture and history around red wine. With this history come many stories and interesting facts, so read on, wine lovers, if you’re keen to find out more about the wide world of red wine.

The Colour Comes from the Skin

So, what makes a red wine a red wine? Few actually know this, but wine gets its colour from the skin of the grape, and a plant pigment called anthocyanin.

Drinking Red Wine is Good for Your Health

We’ve all heard variations of this one, but did you know that drinking a small amount of red wine every day is actually better for you than not drinking it at all? But how can this be so?  Procyanidins, which are a type of condensed tannin also found in green tea and dark chocolate can inhibit cholesterol plaque from building up, therefore improving cardiovascular health, Type II diabetes, and mortality. Drink away!

Young Red Wine is Healthier for You Than Old Red Wine

Everyone’s heard about how wine gets better as it ages, but did you know that younger red wine actually has greater health benefits for you than older ones? It’s because there are more tannins in younger wines.

Red Wines get Lighter as They Get Older

Red wines lose the vibrancy and richness of their colour as they get older. It’s often the case that very old red wines have a light, almost translucent colour.

Red Wines Contain Less Sulphites Than Their White Counterparts

Because red wines are more chemically stable than whites and do not degrade as rapidly, they tend to contain far less sulphites.

The Different Aromas of Red Wine Come Only From The Grapes

The nutty, berry, spicy, and herby scents that are found in red wines only come from grapes. There are no artificial flavours added, and the smell comes only from the wine ageing in the barrel.      


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