3 Wine Accessories You Actually Need

Decanters, aerators, stoppers, openers, glasses, racks, fridges, cellars…you name it, it’s probably a wine accessory.

The market is awash with various different tools and gadgets that proclaim to boost our wine enjoyment experience. While many of these accessories can without a doubt enhance our appreciation of our wine collection, many a wine lover may be left feeling confused at the endless stream of gadgets available.

The more astute wine enthusiasts among us may see the need for these accessories due to the expanse and sophistication of their collection, but others are more inclined to streamline their accessory collection to a core range of tools and gadgets that truly work for them.

At Grand Cru, we believe every wine lover should own these three core wine accessories to enjoy and appreciate their collection to its full potential.

The correct glassware

When it comes to wine accessories, good glassware is non-negotiable. Many wine drinkers may baulk at the prospect of investing in various types of glasses, but the truth is the correct glassware for your collection can enhance your wine without the need for fancy gadgets.  

Glasses with small to medium-sized bowls are best for white wines – opt for tulip shapes if you prefer lighter, aromatic varietals or try a larger bowl if you lean towards richer styles. Red wines call for glasses with large bowls, as the greater surface area allows aromas to lift from the glass. Complete your glassware collection with a classic set of flutes to showcase the aromas and bubbles of sparkling wines.  

Brand wise, we recommend Plumm’s range of premium Australian born-and-bred  glassware which is available for purchase at Grand Cru.

A decanter

Decanters offer more than an aesthetic statement; it is a must-have accessory for red wine drinkers who truly want to enhance the appreciation experience of their favourite wines. 

A decanter is useful to have on hand as it offers an easy way to oxygenate and thus improve your wine. Oxygenating wine opens it up and allows aromas to prosper, while softening any hard notes to ensure it reaches its full potential for tasting. Decanting showcases your finest drops and improves less refined styles, as oxygenation helps to rid wine of any unpleasant sulphuric odours.

At Grand Cru, we stock decanters and carafes from leading brands such as Riedel and Plumm. If you are after an innovative solution, try a Vinturi aerator – we recommend the Deluxe Red Wine Aerator Tower Setfor a modern way to decant your wine. 

A wine fridge

There are some wine accessories that you absolutely need to ensure the protection and preservation of your wine collection. One of these crucial accessories is a wine fridge that adequately stores and protects your collection.

While a wine fridge is an investment, it stores your wine in the correct manner so the various styles that make up your collection can be enjoyed at their best. Purchasing the right wine fridge for your needs can be a hefty cost, but it can potentially save you the cost of having to replace your wine collection when it spoils due to incorrect storage.

Grand Cru has a wine fridge to suit every need and budget, from under bench installations to freestanding wine walls with impressive capacity. Many models combine aesthetics with function, making it a wine accessory well worth investing in.


Discover all the wine accessories you need to elevate your wine collection to its full potential at Grand Cru, Australia’s hub of wine enjoyment and appreciation.