How to Find Your Perfect Wine

By Matthew Gerard on Nov 15, 2021

Whether you prefer a zesty and fresh white or a dark and spicy red, Grand Cru’s exclusive matching system, the WINE FINDER, will introduce you to the wines that best reflect your palate.   Here at Grand Cru...

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The Rising Popularity of Organic Wine, and Why You Should Try It!

By Matthew Gerard on Nov 08, 2021

Organic wine may just be better for your health and the environment.   It is no surprise that the organic food and drinks industry has expanded substantially over the years. With sales growing at an immense ...

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The 3 Tips to Remember When Choosing Wine to Cellar

By Matthew Gerard on Nov 01, 2021

Whether you drink your wine young or prefer to let it age, a climate-controlled environment is essential to protect your wine from spoiling.   1.Component balance The most integral factor when choosing a win...

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Five Beautiful Wineries in the Picturesque Yarra Valley Wine Region

By Matthew Gerard on Oct 25, 2021

With the weather warming up, why not take a trip to Victoria’s stunning Yarra Valley wine region?   The Yarra Valley is home to some of the finest and most renowned wineries in Victoria. Only an hour East of...

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Calling All Hospitality Owners! Mixologiq: The Cocktail Machine Designed to Simplify Your Business

By Matthew Gerard on Oct 11, 2021

All restaurants and bars need to have this! Mixologiq is a programable bartender designed to make cocktails in as little as fifteen seconds. This cocktail machine offers innovative functionalities – measurin...

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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Wine

By Matthew Gerard on Oct 04, 2021

Growing your collection of fine wine is a process that may take years of searching and tasting to perfect – but are you allowing your bottles to reach their complete potential?   Although you may have been e...

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Looking for a wine fridge? Grand Cru is home to the largest range and best-looking fridges in Australia

By Matthew Gerard on Sep 13, 2021

For lovers of vino everywhere, from the enthusiast through to the sommelier, a wine fridge has become somewhat of an essential item in terms of style, luxury, and convenience in any home. Currently the faste...

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Why is Organic Wine So Popular?

By Matthew Gerard on Aug 23, 2021

Organic and biodynamic wine sales have experienced incredible growth in recent years, with sales increasing by a staggering 50% each year according to Wine Australia. If you’re wondering what is prompting th...

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Grand Cru's Top Rated White Wines

By Matthew Gerard on Aug 09, 2021

Grand Cru’s Wine Concierge service has found some of Australia’s finest wines by exploring the harvest, history and creators behind each bottle of white wine. These white wines range from zesty, light, citru...

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Wineries of Western Australia's Margaret River

By Matthew Gerard on Aug 02, 2021

Western Australia’s Margaret River wine region produces an incredible 25% of Australia’s premium wine range. The region is home to over 200 vineyards, each with distinct microclimates producing unique wines ...

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An Explainer of the Australian Wine Tariff Saga

By Matthew Gerard on Mar 10, 2021

China’s sudden slapping of tariffs on Australian wine exports first hit the news in November 2020, causing widespread devastation across our viticulture industry. After over three months’ of trade restrictio...

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