PWRON Smart Device

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Worried about a power outage? Real time monitoring for home and business appliances that need power at all times.

The PWRON will keep track of your power outages from anywhere. No battery, No SIM card – No worries!


Wifi powered

Monitor your power outages from anywhere in the world, using your wi-fi connection. No SIM card needed.

Usable from any device

Keep track of your power outages with analytics from your phone, tablet or computer. No app downloads – just log in to your secure user account.

Alerts via email + SMS

Send email and SMS alerts to as many recipients as you need. Always be alerted even when power comes back on.

Best in IoT technology

Our device combines smart plug technology, a cloud-based monitoring system and a fully customisable user interface – be connected.

Simple setup

Very easy and user friendly, only 3 simple steps to set up. You can set up as many devices as needed on one account.

Enjoy 24/7 peace of mind

Receive notifications of your power outages in real time – anywhere in the world – 24/7 peace of mind.

Wine fridge protection

Protect your beloved wine collection by knowing that your wine fridge is powered at all times – potentially saving thousands of dollars’ worth of wine!

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