Meet AVEiNE: The first Smart Wine Aerator

The first Smart Wine Aerator, perfect and instant aeration for an exceptional tasting experience.

It's not magic, and it's not a secret. It is through aeration that the wine is magnified. Red or white, young or old, with aeration, the wine exhales all its flavours and reveals all its aromas. But it is often a step that we tend to neglect, either out of haste or because we simply forget. Discover the pleasure of a last-minute tasting and impress your guests...

To the impatient the full flavours. Aveine instantly and perfectly aerates all wines. Yes, all wines. Whatever the occasion, you no longer need an excuse to serve your wines at their best.

Whatever the moment or the wine, treat yourself to a perfect tasting.

Easy to use, Easy to set up

  • Aeration from 1h to 24h instantly
  • Adapts micro-oxygenation to wine and room temperature
  • Neck position sensor to ensure reproducibility
  • 5 Year Warranty

The Smart Wine Aerator, by Aveine, allows all wines to be aerated precisely and in an instant. It adapts to all types of wines and reproduces the necessary aeration time for a perfect tasting, without the wait.

The Smart Wine Aerator by Aveine is:

  1. A device already adopted and rated by sommeliers worldwide
  2. Simple and quick to use
  3. Efficient and elegant
  4. A precise aeration for a perfect and instant tasting


Because aerating your wine may seem complicated, Aveine has developed an app to accompany and control the Smart Wine Aerator. By a simple scan of the label, the wine is identified in Aveine’s database. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the app then connects to the aerator to calibrate it and adapt the aeration precisely to the selected wine. Interactive and informative, the app is free of charge. If the Smart Wine Aerator and the app can be used independently, it is by combining them that the magic of the experience operates.

The application is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (W x L x H) 15cm x 5cm x 6cm
  • Graphical user interface 256 x 64 px, OLED 2.80
  • Touch interface: Capacitive slab
  • Chipset: Nordic Semiconductor RF52832
  • Power Supply: 5VDC
  • Time of use: 10 bottles
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4
  • Accessories: Charging station, power cable
  • Standard: IP55, food-grade
  • Sensors: Temperature, accelerometer, and bottleneck detection
  • Actuator Piezoelectric air pump