Plantation Rum Hurricane
Plantation Rum Hurricane Plantation Rum Hurricane
 four (4) pack

Pricing is for a four (4) pack.

Lashings of incredible rum from the master makers at Plantation Rum, passionfruit sourced from the cool climes of New Zealand, and fresh lemon juice from the Central Coast. The tang and excitement of the passionfruit is right up front in this cocktail, less expected however is its depth of character, there is a tingling, Szechuan complexity that captivates the palate. Real fruit provides a delightful amount of intriguing texture. Underneath the surface, imperceptibly almost is the bright, fresh notes of Plantation 3 Star elevated with the pineapple and caramel notes of Plantation Original Dark, all balanced to perfection with the light acidity of fresh lemon juice.

  • TypeRum
  • Size130ml
  • Standard Drinks2
  • Alcohol Volume19%
  • CountryAustralia
  • StateVictoria
  • Brand NameCuratif
  • ClosureCan Closure