Grand Cru Rose Pack
Grand Cru Rose Pack Grand Cru Rose Pack Grand Cru Rose Pack

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These sensational Grand Cru Gift packs are ideal for Christmas and include 2 x Exclusive Grand Cru Plumm No.1 Universal Wine Glasses and 1 FREE bottle of delicious small producer Australian wine selected by our GC Wine Concierge Team.

Enjoy a velvety Bellarine Pinot or a crisp dry Rose from Plumm’s ultra-fine European crystal glassware, this is summer!

The Wine

Mitchell Harris Rose

Made with Pinot Meunier, drying, bold, rich with a little spice. Complete wine.

The Glasses

For all styles of wines and particularly good for full bodied reds.

Designed for all styles of wine; red or white. It is also particularly suited for full bodied reds. Ultra-fine European crystal glasses developed in conjunction with leading Australian sommeliers to enhance the modern experience of wine and dining.

Twin Pack
Capacity: 435ml
Height: 225mm